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Anthropology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 6

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Anthropology - Essay ExampleThe present study has chosen the Darug Indigenous Australians for learning on what they say about their culture, tradition, their history, as well as their social situation.The Darug society is known to be the traditional owners of Western Sydney. The culture of the society is prosperous in religious implication. The individuals of the group are associated through relationships based on connections and a secure relationship with the location in which he or she was born. These relationships were associated with their responsibilities towards their lands, communities, plants and animal lives. The elders of the group had the charge of teaching these responsibilities to the newer individuals. The customs, ceremonies and conduct of the Darug were regulated by the aboriginal laws. The tradition and culture of the society reflected that only the needful for survival was to be taken from the nature. Women were in charge of collecting the fundamental foods, while men did the hunting and wild jobs (The Darug - Traditional Owners of Western Sydney).When the Europeans started settling in the West of Sydney, the Darug were not acknowledged to have any former rights. These people struggled both to protect their lands, the nature as well as their traditions and culture. The Aboriginal people suffered severely with their lands and children being taken away from them thereby not providing them with their rights. Today these people are known to regroup again realizing their kinship connections and relationships (The Darug - Traditional Owners of Western Sydney). The Darug were the largest group of Aboriginal people in the Sydney who resided from the coast across the Blue Mountains. These people spoke a common language although there are variants in the dialects that they used. They focused a lot on keeping the available resources abundant that was

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